What to Know about Phase Two Reopening in Prince George’s County

Starting Monday, June 15th, Prince George’s County, by order of County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, will begin Phase Two of reopening after the impacts of the coronavirus.

The following components will be included in Phase Two in the county:

Retail operations will be allowed to reopen, with 5 people per 1,000 sq ft, at a maximum 50% capacity.

Barbershops and Hair Salons will expand their operations. The appointment only status will continue, with shops now able to achieve 50% capacity. Employees must wear masks and gloves while customers must wear masks.

Nail Salons, Massage Parlors and Spas may reopen, also by appointment only, with one customer allowed per every 200 square feet. Employees must wear face coverings and gloves and customers must wear masks. Shops must also clean with disinfectant all high contact surfaces every two hours.

Restaurants may reopen, with Indoor and Outdoor seating, at 50% capacity. There are no more than six allowed at a table, and tables must be six feet apart. All employees must have health screenings before shifts, and employees must wear masks.

Houses of Worship can reopen, not exceeding 25% capacity indoors. Outdoor services of 250 people or less will be allowed as well.

Childcare can reopen for essential employees and those returning to work. in Phase Two.

Youth Sports: Non-contact, no more than 9 children and 1 coach per team, with no more than 50 total participants at any venue.

Outdoor Pools may open at 25% capacity. Indoor pools will remain closed.

Parks are open for fitness classes, including all fields, tennis courts and golf courses.

Car Washes are opening. Patrons must remain in their vehicles. Employees may rub down the outside of the vehicle and patrons may use self service cleaning tools.

County government will partially re-open, with some employees returning, but the majority are expected to continue teleworking.

Gyms, fitness centers, and other indoor physical activities will remain closed during Phase Two.